School 21: A computer programming school

Sberbank is launching a unique educational initiative based on the techniques of a “school of the future” — an innovative French computer programming school called École 42.

No teachers. No lectures. No grades.

For young people
All you need is to be persistent and dedicated.
In return, you receive an education which leads to a highly-paid job, with career growth prospects and participation in exciting, large-scale projects.
For parents
A software engineer is a promising job, but parents are not always sure if it suits their son or daughter. The trial period of tuition, which is mandatory for all of our students, helps determine whether the student should dedicate their life to computer programming.
For businesses
Companies get highly-qualified job applicants who are fully equipped to tackle real-life business tasks.
For the economy
To make a technological breakthrough possible, we need to nurture a generation of young professionals who will become the pillars of the digital economy. The mission of School 21 is to train world-class specialists who will be designing technologies of the future.

No teachers. No lectures. No grades.

What are the admission requirements?

Find out more on School 21’s special website.

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