How to look for a job and where to find one

Many corporate websites feature a careers section. It is great if you know exactly where you want to work. First, you will not have to deal with recruiting companies, as your CV will be assessed by the in-house HR manager. Second, large companies often announce vacancies in a range of departments, so you may find just what you need sooner or later. To browse our current job openings, check out the Vacancies section at

There are also websites that collect links to career pages of major Russian companies, for instance, JobChase (

On social media

Yo can find job announcements on Vkontakte public pages, on Telegram channels, and on specialized professional networks. Here are a few noteworthy examples.

Viadeo —

Second by number of users, this network is still available in Russia. With an interface similar to that of LinkedIn, Viadeo is based in France but operates all over the world in nine languages.

YoJob Telegram channel

With an audience of 20,000, this channel posts a wide range of job adverts: lawyers, analysts, managers, software developers, and so on. Importantly, it also covers internships, which is a great opportunity for entry-level applicants.

“Vacancies for Good People”

The largest vacancy-advertising community on Vkontakte with 250,000+ subscribers.

“Have a Job — Need a Job”

One of the largest Russian-language Facebook groups with job adverts. The number of members exceeds 160,000.

On online notice boards

Surprisingly, this works for a wide range of professions. You can find requests for a variety of jobs, from minor renovation works to design projects, application development, and management on two Russian online notice boards — Avito and YouDo You can either look for requests yourself or wait until a potential customer contacts you. For one-time orders, the rule is as follows: the more orders you accept through the platform, the more new orders you get.

Through Antirabstvo

Antirabstvo (“Anti-Slavery”) is a project of Russia’s best-known HR agency founded by Alena Vladimirskaya. The procedure includes an online course, an individual consultation with a HR specialist, an audit of your skills and expertise, and assistance with your CV and the criteria of your dream job. Afterwards, your CV is included in Antirabstvo send-outs and mobile app and forwarded to a selection of employers. The course is paid, and the send-out lists are impressive, but the results, as always, depend only on you.

On Yandex.Rabota

At you will find a user-friendly job aggregator with postings from all over Russia. Its principle is similar to other Yandex aggregators — it collects job postings from its partners. The portal has a noteworthy Students section with adverts about internships, job placement, and entry-level positions with no experience required.

On major Russian job search websites like,,, and

The four giants of the Russian labor market offer over 100,000 job adverts each. On the one hand, it is like looking for a needle in a haystack; on the other, you might just stumble across what you need. When you look for a job, you should not leave a stone unturned, so it makes sense to check out these websites too. To avoid scrolling down too many similar adverts, you can set up notifications about jobs that meet certain criteria.

On foreign websites

If you are seeking employment overseas, there are two ways to go about this. You can get a job at the Russian office of a transnational corporation and hope for a transfer. Alternatively, you can start looking for an opening at transnational companies right away. Each country has its major job search websites, pages on social networks, and mobile applications. We will give you two such examples.

Job and Talent is a British recruiting platform that searches for job adverts by means of a linguistic neural network. Its software matches applicants to vacancies. The number of users borders on 2 million people. The geography of vacancies includes six countries: Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, the UK, and Sweden. is the US’s largest job search engine. It operates in Russia too, although it is not very popular. You can upload your CV to Indeed, learn the average pay for a selected category of jobs, find out whether such openings emerge often, or explore America’s current employment trends.

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