Dina Nagibina

Lead Specialist, Former Sberseasons Trainee Moscow mentor Sberseasons

Истории сотрудников

Dina Nagibina
Lead Specialist, Former Sberseasons Trainee
«My job is not typical for a classical lawyer»
Andrei Bakalenko
Project Manager
«Sber is one of Russia's best employers»
Aleksei Levanov
'Sberbank Online' Developer
«There is always room for improvement in development»
Ksenia Bubanya
Senior specialist, former Sberseasons intern
«Education is encouraged at Sberbank»
Lilia Alexeeva
Executive director
«At Sberbank they have no problem when an employee wants to radically change their work; if an experienced staff member wants to change and develop further, it’s better for their knowledge to stay in the company than to leave it »
Svetlana Suchkova
Chief Treasury Economist
«I am personally responsible for making sure that before 6 p.m. the entire Sberbank group receives the interest rates in eight currencies for their products for the next day. This has to be done no matter what – fires, floods, the servers crash, discs that don’t work – none of that matters»

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